Make 2020 your Healthiest Year Ever with our Word of the Year

One word can change everything.

This year we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’ve chosen a Word of the Year and it’s a pretty big deal.

We love the idea of a single word representing our focus for an entire year. It’s something to lean on when times get tough and something to celebrate when we reach our health goals.

Our hope is that even if you’ve got your own WOTY, you’ll adopt ours as a second word and live it with us during 2020.

We decided that this isn’t the time for playing small: the criteria we used to choose the word was that it must be life-changing.

And after much thought, we came up with the perfect word that will help you rock all your 2020 health goals.


The Health Code ZA’s Word of the Year is… CHOICE

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Let’s just allow that to sink in a moment.

Why did we choose this word?

We wanted a word that will help our community prioritise health. It needed to be simple, catchy and effective. But it was so hard to choose the right word when there are so many words relating to health and wellness!

When trying to put a finger on what makes a person healthy, there are so many variables to choose from.

In general, health encompasses:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Prevention/management of diseases and chronic conditions
  • Longevity

And each of these can be examined in further detail:

  • Your diet involves type and amount of food, micronutrients, superfoods, intervals/frequency of eating and so much more…
  • Exercise includes weight-lifting, cardio and flexibility
  • Mental wellbeing can relate to managing stress, practising self-care, good sleep, relaxation techniques…

… and so much more.

There’s an abundance of words that relate to each and every one of these sections of health and it was driving us crazy to try to pick just one.

We decided that the best word would be one that unites all efforts to be healthy and finally we had what we were looking for. And that word is “choice”.

What does this mean for us?

From our side, we pledge to make as healthy choices in our own lives as possible. In other words, we’ll practise what we preach (we do so anyway, but now it’s in writing).

We will also choose wisely what information we provide you in our blogs and on social media, which is something we’ve always prided ourselves on.

For instance, while we do write articles regarding weight loss, we never publish sensational “lose weight quick” schemes. We make the choice to avoid writing “click-bait” articles and instead choose to give you solid, reliable information.

We choose to show up with integrity and to remember our overall goal which is to help people live their healthiest life possible.

And how does this affect you?

We are sharing our WOTY with you because we want you to join us on a journey in 2020 by making as healthy choices as you possibly can.

We’ll use our reach on social media to challenge you to make better choices – like veggies over fries and getting a healthy walk in. (If you aren’t following us on Instagram yet, click here).

The idea is to live this year choosing food, actions and movement that improves your health and happiness.

You ALWAYS have a choice.

We are so lucky that most of us have plenty of options when it comes to food and exercise. Let’s be grateful for all we have and choose to be healthy because prevention is better than cure.

Remember, you get to choose:

  • What you eat
  • What you think
  • How you sit and stand
  • When you sleep
  • If you exercise
  • And how much you smile

Our goal is to encourage you to choose the things that lead you to better health overall.

And know that the choices you make affect those around you.

Choosing healthy food and activity sets a good example for your children, siblings and friends. It’s also a great way to empower the younger generation to start prioritising their health sooner rather than later.

Closing thoughts on our Word of the Year

Each day, we are presented with thousands, if not millions of micro-choices that can affect our health. Things like the decision to stand next to someone who is smoking, matters. Little choices like buying a soft drink instead of drinking water can make a difference in your life. Good or bad, our choices add up.

We want you to shift the scale so that the good choices outweigh the bad.

The most powerful tool we have to combat ageing, diseases like diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers, is to use our gift of choice.

And we’re ready to help you make the best choices you can, all year round.