Non-Scale Victories: Losing Weight is Not Everything

Trying to lose weight? It’s time to celebrate more than just the number on the scale.

We’re talking about Non-scale victories (NSVs) which are signs that you’re becoming healthy and stronger despite what you might weigh.

Dive into today’s post to learn how you can start enjoying every NSV on your weight loss journey.

NSV signs to look out for

These signs will be a sure positive indication that you’re becoming healthier, they include but may not be limited to the following:

Higher energy levels

Have you ever noticed that before you began your routine of workouts and a healthier diet, that you previously felt more tired?

Lethargy, tiredness, and a lack of energy is a big sign that your body is trying hard but is almost as if it’s “running on fumes”. This can be as a result of many things including a lack of exercise, poor quality sleep, and maybe too much junk food.

When you adapt to a routine of exercise, and healthy foods, the body starts to build energy and becomes stronger. This, in turn, leads to more energy to take on your day.

Fewer craving for junk foods

When your body becomes accustomed to a healthier lifestyle it tends to have less interest in wanting bad things. This can be the case for processed food.

It’s as if while you’re on the road to fitness, your body also gets onboard. Your body will adapt to the healthier portions and will eventually not want to have the added sugar, bad carbs, and other junk food culprits.

You feel stronger

Weight training may seem a breeze and you might feel ready to go to heavier weights because your body has increased its strength.

Stronger crossfit attendee helping a tired teammate

Your strength and even energy, in this case, may come in the form of the boost you feel to have your work out. You may also start seeing an improvement in balance.

Mental clarity

You may not have thought about this, but the change to a healthier lifestyle may improve your overall thinking and mental performance.

Healthy foods and exercise have been shown to improve the brain’s performance on thinking and improved memory. So yes, you are becoming sharper and more alert.

Happy vibes

It’s true that a diet high in sugar and even trans fats for that matter can result in a negative impact on the body. It also increases the chances of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, when indulging over a long time.

High quantities of unhealthy foods in a diet also have an emotional effect.

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Sugar also increases inflammation in the body and this is literally a mood changer but not for the good. Many people can become depressed because of too much unhealthy sugar in their diet and the body struggling even working much harder to produce enough insulin.

Feeling positive about life

This one goes together with an increased happy mood. When you experience non-scale victories, you will start to feel more positive about life in general and about yourself and what you’re achieving.

Increased stamina

Instead of celebrating losing 200g, rather revel in the fact that you can walk or run further than last week. Losing weight is great, but enjoy the sheer pleasure of being able to move your body in ways that promote your health and wellbeing.

Able to control binge urges

Exercise paired with a healthy diet will result in your cravings for the bad stuff becoming diminished, and most of all, your apetite is not as large as before.

This may sound strange and it seems as if the more kilos you burn the more hungry you’ll feel, but science says differently. Studies have shown that exercise works as an appetite suppressor.

Exercising releases hormones, which influences whether or not you’ll feel hungry or not. The two hormones released in the body includes “Ghrelin” or better known as the hunger hormone, which is used to help the body tell you it’s time to eat. It also releases “Peptide YY” which is a hormone released in the intestine to say you’ve had enough to eat.

However, research shows that lifting weights only releases the hunger hormone Ghrelin, while exercise like aerobics will release more of the Peptide YY and reduce the feeling of hunger.

You see muscle definition

Muscle definition may not come immediately but as you become stronger and even leaner (slowly), you’ll notice the muscle definition. Nobody knows your body the way you do and you may start to notice the difference. Why shouldn’t you celebrate this NSV, muscle definition is hot!

Endless vitality

Regular exercise boosts your vitality giving your body and mind the energy it needs to feel great!

Now that we’ve listed some of the signs that can help you know you’re on your way to a healthier you, another thing comes to light. Health and the science related to it is never the same for everyone because everybody differs one from the other.

Young woman dressed in workout clothing standing in kitchen eating a healthy breakfast out of a bowl.

When it comes to human bodies, there is literally no body the same as another. How one person’s body reacts to certain foods or exercises for that matter may not be the same as the next. It’s important to listen to your body and bear in mind any changes. 

5 bonus tips to stay motivated during the weight loss process

  1. Stop weighing yourself so often – It will only make you feel upset when you don’t see the numbers on the scale drop. Take courage in the fact that other positive changes are happening with your body and the weight is tapering off as well.
  2. Set realistic goals – You cannot expect to lose weight in a short space of time and cut corners with things that will be bad for your health. Extreme dieting or popping weight loss pills can have serious side effects.
  3. Love the definition – You may start to see some definition as you continue your journey to a healthy body. While this may not be immediate, the results will show slowly.
  4. Recognize the changes – Throughout your journey, you’ll experience changes as you carry on. As we’ve already mentioned in this post, some of the signs include, more energy, a lighter mood, increased stamina and so forth. See these as your victories and embrace them.
  5. You start to opt for healthy over unhealthy – This one will become more apparent as you continue on your way to your healthy lifestyle and that is being able to make healthy choices over bad ones. You’ll even notice that you want veggies and lean meat over junk food.

It’s not always easy to get into contact with people who want the same goals as you do. However, you’ll find communities online and maybe in your local area that are striving for and embracing their NSV (non-scale victories).

Closing thoughts

It’s easy to become fed up or frustrated when you’re not seeing the results that you wish to see while staring down at the numbers on a scale. But there is hope!

Science, technology, and people prove that you can be healthy without the immediate result of weight loss. It’s always great to feel good about yourself and your achievements and by monitoring these small signs, you can pat yourself on the back with every victory.

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Making healthier food choices is an investment that will benefit in the end. However, the process may not boast overnight results and neither will it be the same for everyone.

What’s important to remember is that it takes perseverance and dedication to achieve the goals you have toward a healthier you.  

Celebrate all your non-scale victories, they are great motivators to keep you on the right track.