Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Keto Diet

The simple mistakes that prevent you from losing weight on the keto diet

Many people adopt the keto diet for weight loss, and some achieve amazing results.

For others though, their weight loss seems to stall and this can lead to frustration and even sabotaging their diets.

Let’s examine what you could be doing wrong and why you’re not losing weight on the keto diet.

A quick recap of the keto diet

The ketogenic diet is a style of eating characterised by severely limiting one’s intake of carbohydrates while having high quantities of healthy fats and moderate protein.

By reducing daily carbohydrates to levels as low as 20 – 30g net carbs per day, the body uses up all its stored glycogen and switches to burning fats (which are turned into ketones) for fuel.

The diet was initially created to treat epileptics, but it’s now widely adopted as one of the quickest and easiest ways to lose weight.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

Apart from rapid weight loss because your body literally burns fat for fuel, the ketogenic diet has been credited with some impressive health benefits.

Some advantages of the keto diet include:

  1. Easy to implement (just avoid carbs)
  2. Good levels of satiety due to healthy fats consumed
  3. No crazy energy dips in the afternoon
  4. Sustained concentration and reduction in sugar cravings
  5. Because blood sugar levels stay constant, there’s a lower risk of Type II Diabetes
  6. Lower risk of heart disease and cancer

So why aren’t you losing weight on the keto diet?

Are you eating a keto diet but find that you are no longer losing weight?

If this style of eating has been working well for you, let’s see what could have happened to stall your progress.

With a few tweaks, you’ll be back in a weight-loss mode in no time.

1) You’re eating too much protein

We get it. The moment you went keto you realised foods you previously avoided for fear of weight gain were now back on the menu.

Indulging in bacon and burger patties is simply bliss, but too much protein could definitely be wrecking your keto status.

Did you know that protein also raises your insulin levels? EEK!

Insulin is commonly referred to as the “fat-storing hormone” and it’s release is absolutely the opposite of what you want to achieve when eating keto.

Remember the ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein diet so don’t overeat your protein!

2) Cheating

Ok, this is a no-brainer, but if you’ve been eating clean keto for a while now, the temptation to have “just one cupcake” is sometimes overwhelming.

Don’t do it!

By eating your poison of choice (sweet treats, ice-cream, popcorn or crisps), you’re sending your body right back into carbohydrate dependence.

And this will prevent you from losing weight on the keto diet.

For best results, stick to the keto plan and avoid cheating.

It’s confusing to your hormones to constantly be jolted from full-on keto to dealing with a huge sugar binge in quick succession.

Carb-cycling works for some people but if you regularly “cheat” on the keto diet and found that your weight loss has stopped, this could be why.

Go back to eating clean and sticking with low levels of carbs. It might very well solve all your problems.

3) Too many starchy vegetables

To get consistent results eating keto it’s wise to focus your meals on loads of healthy vegetables and their micronutrients, but the caveat is that starchy vegetables might kick your body out of ketosis.

The best vegetables to eat while on keto are green leafy veg such as broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, lettuce, asparagus and so forth.

But there are some high-carb vegetables that should be avoided or strictly limited.

Watch out for potatoes, peas, corn (carb!), butternut, gem squash and pumpkin which tend to have more carbs than other vegetables.

Now we’re not saying you can’t eat these vegetables at all, just watch your quantities.

If you do choose to eat them on occasion, do so on days when you’ve exercised and been absolutely on-point with the rest of your eating.

4) Too much dairy

The food connoisseur in us loves the keto diet because it means that we can eat rich, tasty foods that most diets shun.

Dairy is one of the “luxuries” we can enjoy on the keto diet, provided we aren’t lactose intolerant.

The problem is that when we start snacking on cheese and full-cream yoghurt, we can easily eat more calories than we should.

In addition, dairy is inflammatory to some people, which will not help their weight loss efforts.

Plus, dairy contains protein and as we said in point #1, too much protein can spike insulin levels and prevent you from losing weight on the keto diet.

If your weight loss has stalled, take inventory of how much dairy you’re consuming.

Try cutting down for a week and see if that makes the scale budge in the right direction.

5) Dehydration stagnation

The human body is almost 70% water so it goes without saying that water is vital for survival.

But it’s also essential for weight loss.

Drink enough water can help on your keto weight loss journey

Keep a bottle of water nearby and sip on it throughout the day.

You can even add some lemon slices to give it a refreshing taste.

6) Too much stress

Stress is an oft-overlooked cause of weight retention.

We tend to focus our attention on what we’re eating and how much we’re exercising, without realising that our hormones play a critical role in how quickly we gain muscle, lose weight, recover from exercise, not to mention our levels of hunger and satiety.

Stress drives up cortisol levels, which is linked to increased fat deposits.

Many people also respond to stress by overeating, and this will compound the problem.

If you’re stressed out or not sleeping well, it could be the reason why you aren’t losing weight on the keto diet.

The Health Code ZA

We recommend practising self-care and incorporating some relaxation habits into your life to help you cope.

Closing thoughts

The keto diet is a great way to lose weight quickly without feeling hungry all the time. It comes with several health benefits and can definitely form part of your healthy living journey.

However, if your weight-loss plateaus, there could be something more at play.

You need to dig a bit and find out why.

Maybe it’s due to a simple error that’s bringing your weight loss to a grinding halt. But by making some strategic changes, your body will shift gears and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of the keto diet once more.

Let us know: do you follow the keto diet and are you successfully losing weight?

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