The Quickest & Easiest Ways To Improve Your Health

Use these tips for unstoppable health and energy

Do you ever feel like your health just isn’t where it should be? You’re not alone. Millions of people are struggling with their weight, lack of energy and decreased productivity at work because they don’t have the time to do anything about it. If this sounds familiar, read on for some tips that will help you lead a healthier life.

This blog post is all about how to improve your health in every aspect possible so that you can live an active and healthy lifestyle! We’ll cover topics such as what foods are best for healthy living, how to get more exercise in your day-to-day routine, mental health activities and much more.

Here are our top 10 tips to improve your health

#1 Meditate daily

I bet you thought we would start the list with “cut down on sugar” or something.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. Also, if you’re stressed all the time, you’re far less likely to want to eat healthily or work out.

Meditation is a wonderful way to calm your nervous system and restore peace to your life.

You’ve probably heard the term “mindful meditation” before but it’s a form of meditation that allows you to calm the mind. It is simple and very beneficial for your overall wellness. Meditation helps to restore your body’s energy alignment and improves happiness by boosting “happy” hormones.

Mindful meditation can also help to reduce the effects of insomnia and improve your sleep. At the same time, it also helps increase focus.

Meditate to improve Your Health

Meditate to improve your health.

What are some other benefits of meditation?

  • Become more aware of who you are
  • Be more confident
  • Take things one day at a time
  • Start living in the moment
  • Become more relaxed
  • Ease into a more positive you
  • Increase focus and memory
  • Lower stress feelings and handle problems better

#2 Find an exercise you LOVE

Our bodies are incredible, they were made to move. So when we exercise regularly, it’s like the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae; but let me tell you why…

It’s strange to think of exercising as something that could actually give us more energy than what was previously there in the first place! However, our magnificent body is designed for movement and with this, we get all kinds of health benefits including better sleep cycles, higher metabolic rates, balanced hormones and it keeps us feeling young and mobile.

What are the benefits of exercising?

  • It improves blood circulation
  • Feel less anxious and depressed
  • Sleep more deeply
  • Feel more refreshed
  • Fell less lethargic
  • Feel less stressed

The key is to find a form of exercise that you love. If you hate running, then don’t do it! Maybe your body prefers walking, dancing, swimming or cycling.

Try a pilates or yoga class, YouTube some bodyweight exercises and give yourself time to find out which forms of movement you enjoy doing.

Because if you can find a form of exercise that is fun for you, you’re more likely to stick with it! And regular exercise is vital if you want to improve your health.

#3 Try detoxing or “cleansing”

Detoxing is an option for those who want to “reset” their bodies as they embark on their health journey.

Detoxing can be challenging, but there’s no need to go to extremes. Fruits and vegetables help your body naturally detoxify because these foods are packed with fiber that moves slowly through the digestive system, allowing more time for toxins to leave the body

The key is balance – incorporating certain types of food into your daily diet will allow you to let go of any harmful substances (sugar, alcohol and processed food) in an easy natural way.

Also, make sure that you stay hydrated to flush out any toxins without deliberately “forcing food that tastes boring.”

Eat healthy food to improve your health

Eat healthy food to improve your health.

Benefits of eating a balanced and healthy diet?

  • You’ll get all your minerals and vitamins
  • Balance proteins and calories
  • Feel energised for longer
  • Improving the health of your gut will improve your mental health too

#4 Take regular walks

Walking is one of the easiest low-impact exercises and is great for any age. Walking 20 minutes after a meal will help to increase the body’s metabolic rate.

Even if you don’t want to walk that soon after having eaten, taking a walk sometime during your day every day will do a lot to help you maintain weight loss.

For example, instead of opting for that “quick-fix” elevator and escalator, why not take the stairs? Walking does wonders for blood circulation and it improves cardio health too.

Benefits of walking for wellness:

  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Exercises the heart muscle
  • Improves bone density
  • Lowers inflammation
  • Improve mental health

#5 Take 5 minutes to breathe and relax

Sometimes our days are just over the top stressful and taking a breather will help you to relax. It’s amazing how good a few deep breaths can do for our bodies. When in shock or a state of panic, the body’s stress hormones are at high levels. Breathing deeply a few times helps to lower the stress hormones.

This is why taking just 5 minutes out of your busy day to breathe a few deep breaths can greatly improve the way we feel. Whether your stress levels are high or you’re simply anxious about something, breathing helps.

The benefits of deep breathing:

  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Helps you to focus
  • Has the ability to elevate your mood
  • It helps you to relax
  • Helps to reduce pain because it increases dopamine

#6 Avoid caffeine and sugar

You would probably agree that quitting sugar and caffeine entirely is almost impossible. But reducing consumption goes a long way. Sugar and caffeine have a way of “conning” the body into believing that it’s getting a boost of energy.

Meanwhile, it increases the heart rate, sets off adrenaline and triggers our fight-or-flight response. Reducing sugar and caffeine allows your body to remain in a calmer, more balanced state and the key to avoiding withdrawals from both is to cut down gradually. For example, you currently drink 5 cups of coffee a day, try having 3 and substitute the other two with caffeine-free drinks like rooibos tea.

The benefits of reducing sugar and caffeine

  • Lowers your feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Improves your sleep
  • You’ll have more energy
  • Better hormone balance

#7 Unplug from tech

Let’s face it, we live in a tech-inspired world and it’s only moving faster and becoming even more convenient. Unfortunately, being engrossed online checking social media, streaming shows,  and watching hours of screen time has some serious health consequences.

If you want to improve your health, you need to unplug from your tech gadgets. For example, spend less time checking your social media. Give yourself an hour or more that you dedicate to reading from an actual book. Or spend that time with the kids in the garden. Or just relax.

Make it a goal to put down your phone one hour before bedtime – your sleep cycle will thank you for it!

The benefits of unplugging:

  • Give your eyes less exposure to the “blue light” of screens
  • Have more time to connect with friends and family (without the mobile phones)
  • Have more quality time for yourself
  • Reduces the feeling of loneliness
  • You can become more mindful and be present

#8 Get some sun

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and other functions in the body. A good amount of sun can help the body to produce vitamin D naturally. But not only is the sun good for generating vitamin, D, it also improves our mental status. In other words, plenty of sunlight streaming into your home can give your mood a lift naturally and it’s an easy way to improve your health.

What are the benefits of getting sunlight?

  • It helps to regulate your sleep pattern
  • Increases vitamin D
  • It brightens a dull mood
  • It can help improve your immune system

Sometimes sun exposure is not enough to keep your Vitamin D levels in the optimal range. Ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D levels with a simple blood test – if you are deficient you might need a Vitamin D supplement.

#9 Create a short-term satisfying goal

Few things are as satisfying as achieving your long-awaited goals. Not only will it help to improve your self-confidence, but also improve your skills perhaps, or give you something to enjoy.

Short-term goals can be hiking during the upcoming weeks with friends or losing a kilogram or 2 over a set period of time. Your goals may including learning a new skill or enjoying a new hobby.

Benefits of setting short-term goals:

  • They keep you motivated
  • They are easy to do
  • Gives you purpose
  • Improves confidence
  • Gets you focused

Health is multi-faceted and you cannot focus on the physical side without considering your overall wellbeing. What’s the point of having a six-pack when you’re miserable with your job or life?

Setting goals is a way to push yourself to achieve more and will give you confidence when you reach them.

#10 Have fun and enjoy yourself

When last have you had the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of life? Making time to have more fun and enjoy yourself is an excellent way to increase your happy hormones. They say that laughing is one of the best medicines and that is a true story.

Laughing increases serotonin and makes us feel good. It also protects our hearts and lowers depression.

Benefits of laughing and enjoying yourself:

  • You’ll feel better
  • You’ll help your heart
  • It may improve mental health
  • Laughter creates social bonds
  • Great workout for the abs!

Closing thoughts on how you can improve your health

It’s easy to overlook the small things that keep us healthy and well. If you take a moment today, just 10 minutes if possible, to think about what might be preventing your health from thriving I’m certain you will find at least one tip in this article that can help improve it.

Which of these tips do you plan on incorporating into your life? How will you make better decisions for yourself today?