How to Lose Weight Over 40

Over 40 and struggling with your weight? Here’s how to lose weight over 40

Have you reached your 40’s and find that you seem to gain weight if you so much as sniff a piece of chocolate cake?

Losing weight becomes much harder when you start hitting those middle-aged figures but don’t worry, help is at hand.

In this post, we’re sharing the best ways to lose weight if you’re over 40.

Not all of these tips will work for everybody, but try them out and see what you can implement to boost your weight loss efforts.

But before we dive into the tips, let’s first see why we start gaining weight in the first place.

What makes 40 the magic number for weight gain?

The truth is that there are hundreds of thousands of women and even men who ask themselves this question every day.

So, why is it so hard to lose weight over 40? Many variables influence the fact that weight gain becomes inevitable as we age.

The following are just some of the factors that make extra padding appear out of nowhere:

1. Hormones

Those not so dreaded hormones are what our bodies need to respond and function normally. However, sometimes too much and too little of some can also wreak havoc on your body and even your emotional frame-of-mind.

Hormonal fluctuations may lead to weight gain in women over the age of 40. This is also the case with synthetic hormones found in contraceptive pills which could result in weight gain in young and older women.

2. Slowing Metabolic rate

The metabolic rate or “Basal Metabolic Rate” is the speed at which your body is able to process and burn calories. This rate is calculated during the time that your body is resting, hence you’d be asleep.

You develop a slower metabolism with age and this could result in faster weight gain. Another aspect to consider is that you may not be as active as you were in your earlier years.

3. It’s in your genes

We cannot escape all genetic conditions. If weight gain was something your mum and grandparents struggled with, chances are you will too.

Diabetes, certain heart conditions, and having to take certain chronic medication can cause weight gain.

Hereditary conditions mean you may need to work harder and be more dedicated to your weight loss goals. You also need to work closely with your general practitioner to monitor your health conditions.

4. Reduced muscle mass

With age, the body loses muscle mass, especially when you don’t actively exercise. To build muscle you need to lift weights.

Exercising may reduce the chances of losing muscle mass too quickly but you need to stick to the exercise regimen and balance your diet.

How to lose weight over 40
Use these tips to shed the middle-age spread.

10 of the BEST ways to lose weight over 40

1. Get your hormones tested

Sometimes weight gain is caused by hormones being out of whack. If you’ve recently gained weight without increasing your eating, be sure to visit your doctor for a full checkup.

Type II diabetes, insulin resistance and thyroid problems can all contribute to weight gain. So get a clean bill of health before incorporating any of the other changes.

2. Watch those “healthy” treats

When considering how to lose weight over 40, you need to pay close attention to the treats you eat. Instead of snacking on a whole slab of chocolate, why not savour a limited amount of dark chocolate blocks. Dark chocolate is healthier.

If you want crisps you could opt for savoury rice cakes, or air fried even baked crisps. It’s better to eat smaller snack portions than to deprive yourself. Depriving yourself of snacks can lead to binge eating which really won’t help you keep the weight off.

3. Build more muscle

The quantity of lean muscle on your body plays a role in how fast your metabolism is. This is because muscle requires more energy to sustain itself than fat does. So the more muscle you build, the better for your health and your waist-line.

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Get a trainer to help

To get you started on a good weight training program, we recommend that you go to a personal trainer.

The reason for this is that you can injure yourself if you just go to the weights section and start lifting things without the correct form.

If hiring a personal trainer is unaffordable long-term, at least book one or two sessions so that they can give you a weight training program based on your current level of strength and fitness. They can also show you how to execute every move properly.

They will take existing health conditions into consideration and some might help you develop a meal plan. With a meal plan, you can eat the correct foods to help you on your weight loss journey.

5. Incorporate fun activities to promote an active lifestyle

If you cannot stick to an exercise program but you enjoy physical outdoor activities then this tip may work for you.

Hiking is an excellent outdoor activity. Not only does it put you in nature, but we know that nature is simply good for health and wellness. You could try to do more outdoor activities such as walking on the beach and cycling.

If you really want to lose weight over 40, you will have to make regular exercise part of your lifestyle.

If you love swimming or surfing and other physical water activities go for it. This is a fun way to incorporate active workouts into your lifestyle.

Just be consistent with these activities if you want to see results.

6. Try to walk  more

Instead of taking the escalator or lift, opt to walk. You can also incorporate more walking by going to the mall. Walking more will help contribute to a healthier you which can lead to weight loss if you’re consistent.

Rope in a friend and go for regular walks to lose weight.

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7. Don’t obsess over numbers on the scale

Okay, this post is about how to lose weight after 40 but we advise you not to obsess about it and take the joy out of your life.

Obsessing over reducing those numbers may cause you to feel disappointed and some people tend to overeat when they are feeling down. Emotional eating leads to more weight gain, and that isn’t what you want.

Think of all the non-scale victories that your healthier habits are bringing to your life.

With time and consistency, the weight will come off just stay positive and stick to your healthy foods and exercising.

8. Watch your sugar intake

As you get older, sugar becomes your worst enemy. As you age your body’s ability to process sugar isn’t as good as it was when you were younger. You also might not be as active as you were when you were a growing youngster.

For some great tips on how to reduce your sugar, check out this post here.

9. Prioritise your sleep

You might not think it relates to your weight loss; however, sleep is critical to the functioning of your body. This includes the hormones that play a role in energy and metabolism.

When your body is well-rested it performs better. Sleep is when your cells regenerate so if you are struggling with insomnia, it could be causing your weight gain.

Stress is also a big influencer on our hormones, so practice self-care and relaxation techniques to stay calm and focused.

10. Eat your fruits and vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetables is a good way to get those important vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Fruit and vegetables don’t have the same types of fats and calories that are in junk food.

In other words, when you eat an avocado, you’re getting healthy fats that you just don’t get when diving into a packet of chips.

It goes without saying that what you eat will directly influence whether you lose weight over 40.


11. Drink your water

Sometimes we feel hungry when in reality we’re just thirsty.

Drinking water may aid with a bit of calorie reduction and help keep our digestive system on track. The benefits for weight loss might not as drastic as working out and watching your diet, but it’s still an essential part of a healthy weight-loss plan.

Don’t overhydrate, but sip on water throughout the day to keep your body functioning at it’s optimum.

Closing thoughts on how to lose weight over 40

No matter how old we are, there’s always room to improve our diet, sleep, relaxation techniques and our exercise.

It might be tough to lose weight over 40, but it is possible.

With the right mindset and by incorporating these tips, you’ll be on your way to shedding that weight for good.

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