The Most Effective Ways To Beat Fatigue Naturally

Restore your energy – naturally

Do you struggle with chronic fatigue? Fatigue is a common experience in most people’s lives. While we might think it’s only a lack of sleep that’s wreaking all the havoc in our energy levels, sometimes there’s more to it than that.

There are so many things in our lives that have an effect on our energy levels, and it’s normal for our levels to fluctuate.

That being said, if you’re feeling overly drained and not sure of how to get this sorted naturally, then this post is for you!

One of the first steps to beat fatigue naturally is by understanding what’s possibly happening

Fatigue is generally the feeling of low to no energy levels. If you’re suffering from fatigue you may wake up from a night’s sleep feeling even more tired than before. You might also agree that when feeling this drained, it’s hard to keep your eyes open during the day. You’re probably dealing with fatigue. But, the good news is that fortunately, fatigue is manageable.

You could experience the following symptoms if your body is fatigued:

  • A headache throughout the day
  • Slow or delayed responses
  • Feeling irritable
  • Impaired decision making
  • Feeling “cloudy-headed” or “stuffy-headed”
  • Aches and pains in the body
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty paying attention

Disclaimer: if your fatigue is unrelenting, please visit your doctor because there could be an underlying medical reason that needs to be investigated.

How to boost your energy levels naturally

Get enough rest

Ok, we know you already know this. Obviously, if you feel tired during the day, it could be because you’re not sleeping well at night.

This is especially true for parents of babies/young children who disrupt their sleep several times during the night. This is natural and normal and will resolve once your child sleeps through.

The problem is if you’re deliberately going to bed at the wee hours of the morning and running on coffee and adrenalin during the day.

Beat fatigue naturally

Cutting down on your sleeping hours is really detrimental to the body because you’re shortening the time it has to recuperate, restore and regenerate. A lack of sleep also results in a weaker immune system, making you prone to catching a cold, flu, or other infection as a result of a weak immune system.

Read this article here for 15 tips on how to improve your sleep if you know that this area could be contributing to you feeling constantly tired.

Drink more water

Water is a natural source and makes up a major part of the body. It’s needed for cell generation, lubricates joints, and is a source of hydration. When the body is dehydrated, it can lead to headaches and can speed up the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. So sip more water, especially if you drink a lot of dehydrating coffee and tea.

Hum or sing a melody

This may not sound related to how you could beat fatigue naturally, but indeed it is. The body has something called a “vagus nerve” and this is one of the longest nerves running through the body.

That said, when stimulating the vagus nerve, it allows various things to happen. Such as increasing levels of natural serotonin, supplying nerve support to the parasympathetic nervous system and to the heart, lungs, as well as the digestive tract. These, in turn, help to naturally promote feelings of energy and vitality.

Eat healthy vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and natural fats

Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, and more. Healthy meals will provide your body with the goodness it needs to be healthy and strong.

While remembering this, not all fats are unhealthy and you will find healthy fats in various foods like avocados, coconut, nuts, seeds and fish to name a few.

If you really want to beat fatigue naturally, take a close look at how many healthy, whole food items you eat compared to processed junk food. If you realise that you haven’t been getting enough healthy options in, then decide today to add an apple and stick of cucumber to your lunch. Be sure to pile your plate with veggies tonight at dinner.

Get more protein in your diet

Protein provides the building blocks for the body and helps maintain your lean muscle. Protein will also sustain you for longer, and because of this, it helps stabilize your blood sugar levels so you don’t get that “carb crash” mid-afternoon.

If you don’t eat meat, there are still rich sources of protein in nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, and beans.

Have vitamin B and D

Many people swear by their daily dose of  Vitamin B complex to keep them alert, energetic and ready to tackle a busy day.

Use essential oils

Another way to beat fatigue naturally is to inhale invigorating essential oils. EO’s such as peppermint,  citrus oils, and eucalyptus are wonderful options to boost your energy levels.

Check out local South African business, Aromadough, for truly unique aromatherapy products.

Exercise more

It may seem counter-productive, but exercise does, indeed, boost your body’s energy levels. Our bodies are not made to sit all day and if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you might find yourself struggling to feel vibrant and energetic.

You don’t have to go to the gym or do extreme workouts to get your exercise.

You can go for walks, brisk or slow. You can also opt to swim. Another good way to get your steps in is to park a bit further from the shopping entrance.

Or go onto YouTube and do a yoga or pilates routine.

Take even 10 – 15 minutes out of your busy day to move your body and get your blood circulation pumping.

Get some sun

If you struggle to sleep, one of the causes may be a lack of sunlight. The body has a built-in clock (circadian rhythm) and the sunlight is the key to keeping it regulated.

Exposing yourself to sunlight ideally during the morning will help to regulate melatonin which prepares your body for better sleep.

Lower your stress levels

Chronic stress means that your body is in a constant fight-or-flight state. While in this mode it uses the hormones to drive certain emergency-reactor processes. But the body shouldn’t be in this “state” all the time and with prolonged stress, it may lead to illness and chronic health conditions. And it will definitely adversely affect your sleep!

Beat fatigue naturally

There are many ways to lower your stress levels naturally. Stress has a way of depleting the body’s natural energy because it causes feelings of anxiety and increases the chances of having insomnia.

Deep breathing will help to lower the stress hormones and increase feelings of calmness. Even if you lead a very busy lifestyle, taking a minute to take a few deep breaths will greatly help your body to feel better.

Have an invigorating shower

A fresh, invigorating shower is an excellent way to start your morning. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle your day.

Things to avoid if you want to beat fatigue naturally

Avoid screen time before bed

You may want to catch up on Netflix and social media posts just before bed since time is possibly very limited in the day. But, prolonged use of the screen especially the “blue light” can cause the brain to interpret it as sunlight. As a result, your sleep will be disrupted and you may feel even more tired the next morning.

Skip fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks have many disadvantages including being bad for your stomach, teeth, and overall wellness. The sugar content in most fizzy drinks is high in artificial sweeteners, flavours, and colours. As a result, it makes it difficult for the body to process.

In addition, some sodas contain caffeine which could further exacerbate your sleep issues.

Avoid eating processed foods

Yes, fast foods like pizzas, hotdogs, burgers, and fries are delicious and filling, but unfortunately, eating these “foods” on a regular basis is a recipe for disaster.

Along with weight gain, skin breakouts, gut health issues and more, processed foods can make you feel extremely sluggish.

Fast food is rich in trans fat, sodium, and other preservatives that simply aren’t healthy for the body.

To beat fatigue naturally, only eat these type of options once or twice a month.

Avoid excessive alcohol

Alcohol may seem effective to help you sleep but indirectly it’s leading to a long-term problem. While it may seem great for sedation, it actually makes your body more tired than it should be. Ever wondered why an evening of drinking alcohol leaves you more exhausted the next morning?

Alcohol interferes with the sleep REM processes of the body. This is why while it may seem that you’re drowsy and having a deep sleep, your body is working overtime to get rest. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks a few hours before bed.

Closing thoughts on how you could beat fatigue naturally

If you’re someone who often feels tired, you might not realise how vibrant and exciting life could be if you just restored your natural energy levels.

Imagine having the energy to play with your kids, or go for a long walk, or push through and finish an important work project.

Energy is everything. We can be as motivated as we want, but if we physically feel tired, we’ll never achieve our goals.

Prioritise these tips so that instead of waiting to feel more energetic, you’re taking deliberate action to increase your energy and vitality.

While it may be challenging to shift from one lifestyle to the next, sometimes it’s these little steps that make the biggest difference in life. Try these changes for one month and see how good you feel.

Remember that your body is amazing. It wants you to move, laugh and experience life to the fullest.

Decide today that you want to live with energy, and implement these tips to beat fatigue naturally.

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